Dr Kenneth LEDWARD

ledward (2)
ArmsAzure, a key the double wards upwards Or the bow pierced crosswise surmounted by a fess wavy argent thereon a fess wavy azure charged with five mullets.
CrestWithin a circlet of alternating crosses gules and mullets Or an arm embowed vested azure cuffed Or the arm enfiling a robe sable the hand proper holding a crossed book also proper.

The surname Ledward lends itself to a canting coat of arms. The first element of the name derives from the old English and Anglo-Saxon words for a stream or sparkling brook. The second from the Latin and later Anglo-Norman words meaning a guardroom of a castle or keep and key to baronial property. The crest alludes to Dr Ledward’s academic and literary achievements.

Granted8th December 2003 (College of Arms)
AgentRobert Noel (Lancaster Herald)
Located in: Members
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