Roger Whitworth (2)
ArmsPer chevron argent and sable, in chief two pears and in base a tower all counterchanged.
CrestUpon a helm, with a wreath argent and sable. a garb between on the dexter an apple proper leaved vert and on the sinister a pomegranate tenny seeded proper. Mantled gules double argent.
MottoLIBENTER STULTOS NON SUFFERIMUS (Do not suffer fools gladly)

The arms represent the places of birth of the three children of Roger W and Jennifer M Whitworth. The black pears being associated with charges from the arms of Worcester and the castle tower with the arms of Plymouth. The garb in the crest represents earlier Whitworth generations, the pomegranate is taken from the arms of the Borough of Chesterfield (the place of birth of the present holder) and the apple the philosophy of Sir Isaac Newton.

Granted12th January 2016 (College of Arms)
AgentRobert Noel (Lancaster Herald)

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