mallinson-e (2)
ArmsGules a chevron between in chief two roses argent barbed vert seeded Or and in base a pestle and mortar also argent.
CrestA mallard rising proper.
MottoIS LEOIR DO’N LA ‘OLE FEIN (Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof).

The roses represent the white rose of York, where the Mallinson family have lived since the late 18th century and the white rose of the Stewarts of which the Gray family of the armiger’s wife is a sept. The pestle and mortar is the traditional emblem of the pharmacist, which is the profession of the armiger, his wife and his eldest daughter. The crest is a play on the beginning of the armiger’s surname and the ending of his Christian name.

Granted15th July 2005 (Court of Lord Lyon)

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