John Wallace MITCHELL

mitchell (2)
ArmsVert, a saltire checky argent and azure between in chief and in base a martlet and in each flank an escallop Or.
CrestUpon a base of apples, pears, lemons and pineapples ppr. a boar’s head erased vert semy of plates and bezants armed Or langued gules holding in its mouth an annulet gold enflamed at the outer edge also ppr.
MottoABSQUE LABORE NIHIL (Without labour nothing)

Mr Mitchell’s favourite colour is green and he was born under the sign of Gemini which is connected with the metal gold. The checky blue and white saltire reflects Mr Mitchell’s Scottish ancestry. His great-grandmother was a Stewart, his mother a Wallace. The arms of both Clan Chiefs include a blue and silver check. He is also a liveryman of the Chartered Accountants’ Company which includes the chequer on its arms. Mr Mitchell was born in Sussex, hence the martlets, while the scallop shells tell of his pilgrimages to the Holy Land and to the shrine of St James at Compostella. He is also Grand Secretary of the Commemorative Order of St Thomas of Acon, whose badge includes the scallop a coquille. The Mitchells are a Sept of the Clan Innes and the Clan crest is a boar’s head. The plates and bezants represent coins and tells of his profession as a chartered accountant. Mr Mitchell is also a management consultant and the arms of the Institute of Management Consultants include a cornucopia, hence the base of the crest. Finally, the enflamed annulet represents Mr Mitchell’s military service as a Radar Engineer. It also represents a computer memory core, as he was one of the founder members of the British Computer Society.

Granted10th May 1987

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