Vernon ROLLS

ArmsAzure on a fess dancetty argent between three lymphads or three anchors Sable.
CrestWithin a circlet of roses alternating gules and argent barbed and seeded proper a dexter cubit arm vested azure the cuff dancetty argent charged with three anchors (two manifest) sable the hand proper holding a roll of vellum bendwise sinister argent.
MottoAUDI, VIDE, TACE (Here, See, Silence).

A fess dancetty is the common charge found in the arms of several Rolls families in particular the Rolls of the Hendre with whom Mr Rolls may have found an 18th century link. The lymphads and anchors refer to the association Mr Rolls and his family have with shipping. The crest again provides a link with other Rolls families as well as being a pun on the name (as well as providing a reference to Mrs Rolls’ practice as a calligrapher). The red Lancastrian roses stand for Moncas and the white roses of York for Carr, on Mr Rolls’ mother’s side of the family. The motto is that of Mr Rolls’ old school, Royal Masonic.

Granted1st June 2001 (College of Arms)
Located in: Deceased Members
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