ArmsQuarterly Or and azure a cross botony throughout counterchanged between in the first and fourth quarters two griffins segreant Sable.
CrestAn elephant's head couped at the neck affronty Or tusked gules charged on the forehead with a horseshoe sable.
MottoOMNIA PRO BONO (All things for good)

The motto is the basis for the design – Roman 8 vs 28: ‘And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God.’ The arms are redolent of Christian symbolism and family history. The Smith family have long connections with the City of London and its Livery Companies and had used arms featuring griffins – Christian symbols of the protection of home and family life. The Humphery/Smith marriage in 1815 is commemorated by the cross botony was used by the Humphery family, its trefoil endings are symbolic of the Trinity. The elephant crest derives from the arms of the Cutlers Company of which many of the Smith family were Masters. A symbol of gentle strength, the solidity of the family and the power of the smith, the elephant also symbolises Christian perfection as in the Marian litany, ‘Tower of Ivory’. The horseshoe alludes to the family name.

GrantedFrederick Humphrey-Smith 1960 (College of Arms)

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