Timothy John LEWIS

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ArmsAzure, between two barrulets Or three bezants fesswise all between in chief two Catherine Wheels also Or and in base a rose barbed and seeded ppr.
CrestRising from an ancient crown Or a lion rampant reguardant azure armed and langued gules, the dexter paw gauntleted ppr. grasping a short sword also ppr.
MottoTEMPUS EDAX ERUM (Time the devourer of all things)

Mrs Lewis’s Huguenot ancestors are commemorated by the Huguenot colours of blue and gold. Banking also runs in the family (Mr Lewis worked with Coutts for 32 years) and this is also shown by the gold tincture and bezants. The Catherine wheels of the arms allude to an interest in clock collecting as does the motto. The crest continues most of these themes, the ancient crown is actually that of Suffolk where Mr Lewis was born, but it can also stand for one of the crowns in the Coutts sign. The reguardant lion takes us back to the Huguenot connection and the bloody tale of the Sieur Perigal, one branch of Mr Lewis’s ancestry. A reguardant lion is also a supporter in and a short sword is found in the shield of the Perigal arms.

Granted30th June 1993
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