Christopher Chapman

ArmsPer chevron Azure and Purpure a Sword the point upwards supporting a Pair of Scales Or the blade entwined by a stem of Ivy Leaved proper
CrestRising from a Circlet composed alternately of Red Roses barbed and seeded Shamrocks Thistles and Daffodil Flowers all slipped and leaved proper a double headed Phoenix displayed Or enflamed proper
MottoJustice and Knowledge (enlightenment)

The Arms are a fairly simple design, but very symbolic. Mr. Chapman is an attorney in the State of Georgia. The depiction of the scales balanced on the point of a sword represent justice, but the sword is restrained by the ivy, to represent compassion. The legal profession is further represented by the colour purple on the Shield. The Crest is a double headed Phoenix in a tribute to the U.S and the U.K, in many ways joined but in other way separate and distinct. The Phoenix contains religious symbolism and is also the symbol of Atlanta, the city of his birth. The flowers in the circlet are representative of the countries to which his family roots descend.

Granted14th January 2022. College of Arms

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