Christopher McCORKELL

ArmsGules, a demi stag or naissant out of a fesse tortille of the second and first.
CrestOut of a wreath of or and gules, a stag standing at gaze proper, attired or.
MottoVIVAT REX (Long live the King).

Arms granted by The Deputy Ulster King of Arms via Letters Patent, to Sir Dudley Evelyn Bruce McCorkell, Knight, MBE, DL, of Ballyarnett, Co. Londonderry. The Patent reads “To have and to hold the said (above) arms unto him the said Sir Dudley McCorkell and his descendants and to the other descendants of his grandfather Bartholomew McCorkell for ever, and the same to bear, use…”
The Letters also comment that the “Armorial Ensigns have long been used and borne by his family which do not appear to have been henceforth recorded in my Office as appertaining unto them, and being desirous that such arms…may be duly confirmed by lawful authority, and registered and recorded in the Office of Ulster King of Arms in Ireland”. This reference relates to the fact that the family, who were originally from Scotland, were part of the Clan McCorquodale. The McCorkell family arms are very similar to those of the Clan McCorquodale. The family adopted the same crest and motto, which they had long since used, before registering and differencing their own arms with the Office of the Ulster King of Arms.
We updated our pedigree, with the York Herald, proving our descent from the aforementioned Bartholomew McCorkell (a great grandfather of our member).

GrantedTo Sir Dudley Evelyn Bruce McCorkell 8th May 1939 (Office of the Ulster King of Arms)

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