Lawrence King CASEY (2)

ArmsPer fess embattled Or and Vert a crane in his vigilance counterchanged
CrestOn a wreath of the colours the Crest : A distillatory Or the fire Proper on a helmet mantled Gules doubled Argent.
Badge1 - Enfiling a sprig of laurel Proper an ancient crown Or 2 - A polled bull rampant Or ringed Gules 3 - An eagle with two heads facing to the dexter wings overture Or
MottoTAIRGEANN DUA SEAN AGUS FAD SAOIL (Hard work produces prosperity/blessing and a long life), TAIRGEANN DUA RATH (Hard work produces good fortune)

Lawrence King Casey who was born in Brookline in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in the United States of America and is now resident in Beaumont in the State of Texas also in the said United States, the son of Lawrence King Casey of Portland in the State of Maine as well in the United States, the grandson of William Henry Casey of Cahirciveen in the county of Kerry and great grandson of Daniel Casey of the same place,The field of the shield is parted per fess embattled to reflect your military career. The single charge is a very exact reference to your name. Casey/O’Casey/Ó Cathasaigh derives from cathasach meaning ‘watchful’. The crane, in legend, stands holding a rock in one foot so that should he sleep the rock will fall and wake him. He is, then, the symbol of watchfulness and is known heraldically as a crane in his vigilance. A distillatory - in everyday language, a still. An example of chemical engineering familiar in Ireland. The motto is based on a statement by great grandfather Daniel Casey of Cahirciveen, who became at the time Irelands oldest farmer and when asked to what he contributed his longevity he replied ”… hard work in the open air”.

Granted30th March 2015 (Office of the Chief Herald of Ireland)
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