Jason Charles BURGOIN

ArmsQuarterly Sable and Gules a cross Ermine between 1st and 4th three caltrops and 2nd and 3rd a martlet Or.
CrestA demi-tyger Gules collared, chained and holding a torch enflamed Or.

The cross indicates Mr. Burgoin’s Christian faith, and the ermine pattern alludes to the ermine in the arms of Lincolnshire in England, from where his ancestors came. The caltrops are a mediaeval weapon and thus allude to Mr. Burgoin’s career in the Canadian Armed Forces and his interest in military history. The martlet, which appears in other Burgoyne arms, is a bird always in flight and thus represents for Mr. Burgoin a constant seeking after knowledge and adventure. Red is the colour of the Canadian Army, while black alludes to constancy and prudence. Crest: The tiger is one of the supporters of the arms of Hamilton, Ontario, Mr. Burgoin’s hometown. The use of the heraldic form of the tiger (tyger) indicates Mr. Burgoin’s interest in heraldry. The torch symbolises enlightenment and refers to Mr. Burgoin’s involvement with freemasonry. The collar and the chain, inspired by livery collars and chains of office, represent his support and loyalty to the Crown and the Sovereign. Motto: This is a version of a Quaker proverb first recorded c. 1859.

Granted15th December 2016 (Canadian Heraldic Authority)
AgentArms: Jason Burgoin. Crest and Badge: Bruce Patterson (Deputy Chief Herald) assisted by Manon Labelle (Miramichi Herald).
Located in: Members
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