ArmsVert a saltire between four fireballs or enflamed proper.
CrestOn a cliff gules an owl wings elevated and displayed or charged on the breast with a chevron vert.
BadgeEncircled by a jujutsu belt purpura an owl displayed or charged on the breast and holding in each foot a roundel vert.
MottoINDEX PETRAE (Pointer to the Rock of Faith)

On my arms the saltire is used as an ancient protective symbol, and in gold represents my career in accounting and property investing. The fireballs represent my four children, each born in a different season. The arrangement of the fireballs can be seen as the solstices and equinoxes. A maternal great grandfather bore three fireballs on his arms. On my crest the red cliff is the Ness of Shaldon where my mother was raised. The golden owl represents the desire for wisdom which is more precious than gold. On my badge is a purple jujutsu belt, the highest my martial art awards, as I am a Menkyo Kaiden Shihan, a licensed master.

Granted23rd August 2014 (College of Arms)
AgentJohn Allen Petrie (Rouge Croix Pursuivant)
Located in: Members
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