Dirk O Fitzhugh

fitzhugh (2)
ArmsQuarterly 1and 4, Azure, a lily of the valley of three stalks flowered and leaved ppr. a bordure argent for difference (Kühne of Wanzleben). 2, Or, a hemispherical cauldron on three splayed legs sable issuant therefrom in chief three trefoil-headed stirring rods gules (Kühne of Hornburg) a bordure sable for difference. 3, Ermine, on a chief gules three martlets Or (Fitzhugh) a bordure sable for difference.
CrestIn front of a fir tree ppr. a swan sejeant ppr.

In all, three Grants of Arms have been made in order to produce this coat. The arms of Kühne (plus fir tree crest – Kiene/Kienbaum was German for fir tree) was granted in 1971, but had originated in Germany with a family which had acquired land around, and settled in, the fortified town of Hornburg in 1485. Then they established a brewing business, alluded to by the charges of cauldron and stirring rods. Taking advantage of the peace which came at the end of the 30 Years War of 1648, this business was sold towards the end of the century and the money was used to buy two small manors near Magdeburg the first from a Baron von Blumenthal, whose family had used the lily of the valley of three and four sprigs on their arms, as additions (by certain branches) to their family arms. For the 1971 Grant, the fir tree crest had to be differenced and a swan was added to denote the applicant’s father’s estate at Scwaneberg (Mount Swan) north-east of Berlin. The second, earlier Kühne quartering, was granted in 1987 and the third in 1991. The latter is taken from the arms of Mr FitzHugh’s mother whose family originally owned a manor in Bedfordshire, where the Beauchamp family were the most important feudal lords – hence, possibly the use of the martlets and gold and red colours. The FitzHugh arms are to be found in the Visitation of Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire of 1566. Mrs FitzHugh revered to her maiden name and her children changed their surname to that of FitzHugh by Deed Poll in 1953.

Granted(College of Arms)

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