Edward Butterfield

butterfield (2)
ArmsPer fess wavy sanguine & Or a pale counterchanged on the sanguine three bars volant Or
CrestIssuant from a circlet of alternate roses argent barbed & seeded Or and cloves Or a demi-buck also Or gorged with a collar sanguine charged with lozenges (three manifest) argent and resting the sinister hoof on a closed book bendwise sanguine embellished and pages edged Or

Mr Butterfield’s grandfather founded a sign manufacturing business in the 1930s and used the symbol of the industrious bee to advertise the company and sanguine as the company’s livery colour. He lives in Ilkley, West Yorkshire, hence the shite roses and wavy line representing the river Wharfe. The cloves of the crest circlet are taken from the arms of the Grocer’s Company, who administer Oundle School where Mr Butterfield was educated. The buck relates to a family association with Buckden in North Yorkshire and is also a play on the word ‘books’, which he collects. The collar of lozenges relates to the old landowners of Ilkley, the Percy family.

Granted29th March 2000 (College of Arms)
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