ArmsChecky Sable and Argent fretty of chains in the Sable Or and in the Argent Sable
CrestTwo Sea Unicorns addorsed their tails interlaced that on the dexter Or armed maned and tufted Sable and that on the sinister Sable armed maned and tufted Or

The chains represent a visual pun on the grantee's surname - 10 chains make a furlong in the old imperial measure, to which the motto also alludes.
The black and white checks represent ballot boxes and ballot papers as Mr Furlong was employed in electoral administration for thirty-two years.
The gold unicorn is taken from the arms of the City of Bristol for whom he worked, and where his family has lived for generations. The Sable Unicorn is taken from the arms of the Heraldry Society to show his love of heraldry. They are sea unicorns to represent the Bristol Rivers Avon and Frome between which he has always lived and, to represent his father's and grandfather's service in the Royal Navy.

Granted26 Apr 2016 (College of Arms)
AgentRobert Noel (Lancaster Herald)

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