Stefan Hedley ZACHARY

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ArmsGules, an annulet conjoined on the outer edge to three crosses in a pall or on a chief gold three pallets between to the dexter a bend and to the other sinister a bend sinister azure.
CrestAn eagle displayed argent armed and crowned with an ancient crown or holding in each foot a sword or hilt and pommel gules and charged on the breast with an annulet conjoined to the three crosses in pall gules.

Mr Zachary’s arms reflect his mother’s maiden name of Mortimer and the arms of his late Polish father. His name was Zacharkiewicz and he was entitled from the 19th century to bear the Brodic arms which feature the crosses on a red shield. The Polish eagle of the crest bears swords reflecting the military traditions of the family which continue to this day.

GrantedMay 2006 (College of Arms)
AgentPeter O’Donoghue (Bluemantle Pursuivant)
Located in: Members
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