Anthony George WILLENBRUCH

ArmsSable, on each of three bars wavy argent a bar wavy Bleu Celeste all over an estoile or, on a chief gules a bend sinister couped fesswise in base and terminating in chief in a horse's head to the sinister surmounted by a bend couped fesswise in base and terminating in chief in a horse's head to the dexter argent.
CrestA horse's head erased sable bridled and maned or charged on the neck with a pheon argent.
MottoAB PALUDE AD ASTRA (From the fen to the stars)

The Willenbruch family took its name in the 16th Century from their estate, originally documented as the Gut Wildenbruch, in the untamed Weser marshlands of Hanover state (now Lower Saxony) – the name itself alluding to the terrain as wilden bruch means wild marsh or fen. By coincidence, Mr Willenbruch spent his formative years in the fenland of the Isle of Ely before studying at Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge. However, allusion to origins amongst the dark soil and waterways of fenland in base also reflects, in its three bleu celeste bars on a sable background, his rank badge as an RAF Wing Commander. Lower Saxony origins are emphasised in chief by the horses’ head “gable cross” device, typical of farm and domestic buildings in the state, depicted in the argent and gules of the state flag. This is the first use of such a device in English heraldry. Sable and argent mantling alludes to the Cambridge MA degree hood while the pheon on the crest alludes both to his college and military career. His profession as a chartered mechanical and aerosystems engineer (and, indeed, his professional institutions) gain a reference in both the estoile (energy / Engineering Council UK) and the bridled horse (controlled power / Institution of Mechanical Engineers), though the metals also allude to his first degree in metallurgy and materials science. Finally the motto, which translates as “From the Marsh (Fen) to the Stars”, draws upon that of the RAF while alluding to family origins.

Granted25th April 2007 (College of Arms)
AgentWilliam Hunt (Windsor Herald)

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