Ronald David KNIGHT

knight (2)
ArmsVert, a cross argent between in the first and fourth quarters a portcullis chained Or and in the second and third quarters boar’s head erased also Or, charged on the neck with a rose gules bared and seeded proper.
CrestUpon the helm with a wreath argent and vert issuant from a circlet of spurs or a cubit arm proper vested vert cuffed argent holding a quill pen bendwise sinister Or. Mantled vert doubled Or.

The portcullis symbolises the grantee’s Commission as an Officer of HM Customs and Excise. The boar’s head with superimposed red rose represent the Hampshire Hog and Hampshire Rose, the emblems of the grantee’s county of birth and ancestry. The circlets of spurs are recognised charges denoting the name Knight. The hand with quill denotes the grantee’s extensive published writing efforts. The ventrailles on the helmet are in the form of a broken cricket wicket to show the grantee’s interest but inept ability in the game. Opting for the ancient true form of mantle, this contains the grantee’s two favourite colours of green and yellow, with the former outermost to symbolise its use as camouflage by the grantee in a latter-day environmental protection surveillance capacity. The motto has an obvious double meaning.

Granted5th May 1999 (College of Arms)
AgentRobert Noel (Bluemantle Pursuivant)

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