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ArmsVairy ermines and or, on a chevron gules three lilies argent.
CrestA fox sejant proper resting both forepaws upon a woodstock vert, basking in the rays of the sun and enveloped by seven rays each terminating in a pointing hand in profile, the sun, its rays and the hands all gold, the same representing the ancient Egyptian god Aten.
MottoLUX TUA VIA MEA (Your light is my way)

The cult of the Egyptian sun god Aten has long been regarded as having been the first great flowering of a belief in one omnipotent God. Its symbolism prefigures the later imagery of Christ as the light of the world, most forcibly depicted in the Book of the Apocalypse in which Christ’s face shines like the sun in full strength and he holds seven stars. The crest includes an obvious pun. The lilies on the shield signifying a devotion to Our Lady. The combined symbolism of shield, crest and motto is thus almost exclusively religious, reflecting Dr Fox’s fascination for ancient and medieval history.

Granted7th December 1990 (College of Arms)
AgentHenry Paston-Bedingfield (York Herald)
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