ArmsPer pale Bleu Celeste and Sable on a Fess wavy between three Plum Trees eradicated Argent a Wolf courant per pale Sable and Bleu Celeste langued and armed Gules.
CrestUpon a wreath Argent and Sable Rising out of flames proper a Phoenix displayed per pale Argent and Sable gorged with a plain Collar attached to a Chain flexed to the sinister terminating in a demi link Or. Mantling: Party Bleu Celeste and Sable doubled Argent

The blue and Black firstly represent the colours of the academic robes of a Master of Science, but also represent a duality. The Fess Wavy is emblematic of the flaming sword, reflecting the name Flamberg. The Wolf Courant, is an lone animal yet runs in a close pack, fiercely protecting its own.

Granted24th February 2016 (College of Arms London)
Located in: Members
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