ArmsAzure three talbots passant argent each resting the dexter forepaw on a bezant
CrestUpon a helm with a wreath argent & azure within a wreath of oak leaves fesswise Or a stag at gaze gules attired Or mantled azure lined argent

The Azure field represents both the water I live on and the livery of my boat which is Union Blue with Sky Blue outlining. The three bezants are like the three cannon balls that represent artillery as I spent the first twelve years of my career in the MoD supporting the Army and Air Force. The three Talbots represent my love of dogs, especially gun dogs for walking up. My crest is derived from my many years deer stalking and the crossed Seaxes and fouled anchor of my badge both reflect the crossed swords and anchor themes of the MoD and my boat’s home mooring in Middlesex.

Granted24th March 2012 (College of Arms)
AgentAgent: William Hunt (Windsor Herald)

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