Gordon Casely
ArmsPer chevron Or and Azure in chief two cross crosslets fitchy Azure and in base a castle triple towered Or port and windows Azure
CrestA lion rampant Azure clutching in its dexter paw a fleur-de-lis Or.
MottoLEAL (True hearted).

The castle in base reflects the meaning of the surname, inhabitant of the castle, with the two cross crosslets fitchy (decorative crosses with sharpened points enabling them to be hammered into the ground) indicative of the nomadic tendencies of generations of the family. Early crosses fitchy would have been erected at every stop rather like Red Indian totem poles or mediaeval mercat crosses. Thus they provided a temporary meeting place for the family. The shield is split per chevron to allow room for the castle and cross to be drawn well. Upon an esquire's helmet is my crest, a blue lion rampant clutching a gold fleur-de-lys. The blue lion is an early symbol of Polson, and thus mentions my mother Christina Tully Polson. The fleur-de-lys is a remembrance of my late friend Fenton Wyness. To maintain his heraldic tradition and our work together in heraldry, he suggested that my lion clutch in the dexter paw his crest, the fleur de-lys. His Wyness crest is gold, my mother's Polson lion blue; so these colours, one metal and one tincture, are those displayed in the mantling and shield. The motto LEAL remembers my father Frederick Beskow Casely. One of his favourite songs was the beautiful Border ballad Land o the Leal. In the Borders, Land o the Leal is heaven (In Gaeldom, Tir nan og, land of the ever-young). LEAL means true hearted or true to the mark, much to live up to. In his epic poem the Aeneid, Virgil devotes much attention to Lavinia, the Carthaginian princess with whom Aeneas ultimately discovers the happiness of leal amor, mutual true love. The arms were recorded to descend from my paternal grandfather Frederick Thomas Charles Casely. Behind the shield, the cross of a Knight of Justice to the Most Venerable Order of the Hospital of St John of Jerusalem.

Granted17th March 1988 (Court of Lord Lyon)

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