John Barrie ATKINSON

atkinson (2)
ArmsPer chevron engrailed Argent and Or, in chief two garbs and in base rising from a grassy mount a windmill all ppr.
CrestA demi marine goat gules semee of five-pointed mullets Or holding in the teeth a like mullet its piscine tail terminating in a fleur-de-lys Or the lobes thereof cojoined to two like mullets in bend.

The garbs allude to family connections within the County Palatine of Chester. The post mill on a hill represents Mill Hill which forms part of the ancient manor of Hendon in the county of Middlesex where the armiger resided for forty years. The crest represents Capricorn the armiger’s zodiacal sign, while the mullets represent the constellation of the same name. The myth is that Capricorn was created when Pan was pursued by the demon Typhon. Pan leapt into the Nile before he had completely changed into a goat, his chosen form for escape, and became half, half fish. His dual nature has been described as representing the balance of good and evil in nature.

Granted29th October 1994 (College of Arms).
AgentRobert Noel (Bluemantle Pursuivant)

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