ArmsQuarterly, 1st and 4th grandquarters, Azure an escallop Or between three brocks Argent, on a chief engrailed Or a cock proper between two escallops Azure (Brocklebank), 2nd grandquarter, Ermine on a cross engrailed between four lions rampant Gules a tilting spear erect Or between four bezants (Royds), 3rd grandquarter, Quarterly (i) and (iv) Gules a fess chequy Argent and Azure, (ii) and (iii) Or a lion rampant Gules debruised of a riband in bend Sable all within a bordure per pale dexter Azure
CrestIn front of a mound Vert thereon a cock proper three escallops Or.

Members may have seen these arms illustrated in The Heraldic Craftsman No.20, 1995. The brocks are obviously a punning allusion, while the scallops indicate shipping interests.

Granted26th October 1993 (Court of Lord Lyon) to Ralph Brocklebank of Childwall Hall.

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