carlson (2)
ArmsAzure, a thunderbolt Or winged Argent on a chief wavy also Argent between two terrestrial globes also Azure the land-masses Or four oars in cross conjoined above the handles Azure a label for difference.
CrestA Talbot sejant Argent armed Gules holding with the dexter forefoot a terrestrial globe as in the arms mounted on a stand Or a label for difference.

The rationale for the arms takes account of the interests of both father and son. John Carlson is interested in meteorology and works in emerging markets in Asia and the Americas, whilst Jack Carlson, currently at Oxford University, is pursuing comparative studies of ancient Rome and China. The oars reflect an interest in rowing and their arrangement is an allusion to the flag of Finland, reflecting the family’s origins. The crest is in honour of Lisa, the Carlson family dog (a white English Labrador).

GrantedAugust 2009 (College of Arms) to John Carlson.
AgentClive Cheesman (Rouge Dragon Pursuivant)
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