searle (2)
ArmsArgent, three pallets dovetailed sable thereon five covered cups in cross also argent.
CrestAn otter sejant and erect ermines gorged with a collar azure pendent therefrom a square argent and supporting between its fore paws a covered cup also argent.

Mr Searle’s arms reflect his Chairmanship of Mosford Joinery, hence the dovetailed pallets and the choice of and industrious otter. He is the holder of a well-used account at Berry Brothers, the wine merchant and Parish Clerk of St John’s Hackney. These two features are shown by the covered cups in cross formation. When the arms were granted to Mr Searle was a Master of a Masonic lodge and the square hanging from the otter’s collar reflects this. It may be borne by Mr Searle and will be removed from the crest when the achievement is handed on. The arms are rare in having a Masonic badge as part of them; the only other arms to bear such a symbol being those of the United Grand Lodge of England.

Granted23rd August 1982
Located in: Members
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