Anthony G BROWN

brown-a-g (2)
ArmsAzure on a pale Or between two roses a Celtic handbell with semi-circular handgrip uppermost all counterchanged on a chief also gold a pale between two clarions addorsed also counterchanged
CrestA lion passant guardant azure in the mouth a sprig of oak leaved
MottoDISCE DOCENDO (Learn by teaching)

Mr Brown has connections with Herefordshire and Keynsham and his arms and crest mainly reflect this. He is Lord of the Manor of Marden (Herefordshire). The Celtic handbell was found near Marden Church and the division of the shield and counterchanging is intended to suggest St Ethelbert’s well in the Church and interest in the Channel Tunnel project. The clarions are taken from the arms of Keynsham where the grantee lives as well as indicating his musical interests. The crest is the Herefordshire lion, while the sprig of oak is an allusion to the Tree of Knowledge and Mr Brown’s teaching activities and the hollow oak used as a waiting-room at Moreton-on-Lugg railway station where he is also Lord of the Manor. The lion rests his foot on one of the ammonites, or serpents of St Keyna, which abound in the Keynsham area.

Granted19th April 1994
Located in: Members
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