John David YORK

york-j-d (2)
ArmsGyronny of twelve bleu celeste and sable, at the fess point a plate on a chief gules three roses argent, barbed and seeded ppr.
CrestStatant upon a submarine sable an eagle displayed or.

The gyrony field with the plate at the centre is reminiscent of a spinning propeller disc and represents Mr York’s engineering career associated with aviation. Bleu celeste and sable are the colours of his old school, Allan Glen’s School, Glasgow. The roses on the chief are not only a pun on Mr York’s name, but also refer to his wife, born in Yorkshire and to his two daughters born in Yorkshire. As most of Mr York’s aviation involvement was military, the red Royal Air Force is alluded to in the sable and bleu celeste of the field. The crest of an eagle with a submarine in its talons neatly represents a number of major anti-submarine projects Mr York worked on. It is believed that this is the first time a submarine has appeared as part of a crest.

Granted20th July 2000 (College of Arms)
AgentPeter O’Donoghue (York Herald)
Located in: Deceased Members
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