Peter Ferdinand GUMMERSBACH

ArmsPer pale 1st azure an Eagle displayed OR charged on the breast with a Royal Orum of Bunyoro-Kitara proper, 2nd Or between two fleur-de-lis azure a fess gules charged with a Rose argent seeded Or.
CrestUpon a helm wreathed and mantled to dexter gules doubled Or to sinister azure doubled Or a demi-lion sable armed and tongued gules.

Mr Gummersbach is a German citizen resident in Germany. he enjoys the Patronage of HM Rukirabasaija Agutamba Solomon Gafabusa Iguru I, Omukama of the Kingdom of Bunyoro-Kitara in Uganda, and is President of the Association of the Representatives of the Kingdom Bunyoro-Kitara. He is also adviser to the King and the Royal Government and ex officio member of the Kingdom’s Supreme Council. His arms are recognised by El Cronista de Armas de Castilla y León and are registered with Burke’s International Register of Arms as well as the Royal Register of All Arms and Bearings in Bunyoro-Kitara.

GrantedApril 2011 (Serbia), 30 May 2011 (HM the Omukama of Bunyoro-Kitara Kingdom)
AgentDeacon Nenad Jovanovich

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