Alexander GREEN

ArmsVert, on a fess Argent between in dexter chief a balance Or and a Sword Argent hilted and pommelled Or in saltire, sinister chief a harp Or stringed Argent and in base a triple tower Argent, a sprig of juniper proper
CrestA squirrel sejant holding in its paws a pear proper
MottoSERVO VERITATEM (I serve the truth)

The choice of Green as my colour relates to my name. The tower relates to my connection with Aberdeen and the fact that I am a burgess of the city. The sword and scales of justice relate to my profession as a solicitor and notary public. The sprig of juniper relates to my connection with the Ross family. The chief of Clan Ross wears juniper in his bonnet. The harp refers to my connection with Ireland: my wife is Irish and we have property in Ireland. The squirrel is a symbol of industry. He holds a pear in his paws to refer to the fact that I was born in the city of Worcester. The coat of arms of the city of Worcester includes three black pears. My motto is I serve the truth and, again, relates to my profession.

GrantedFebruary 2004 (Court of Lord Lyon)

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