ArmsAzure, a barrulet wavy enhanced Argent, between in base three coronets bottony placed two and one and at honour point a set of three keys, two in saltire and one in pale all Or, and in chief between two bezants a Mexican step-pyramid proper.
CrestStatant upon a rocky ground a Mexican eagle proper, in its beak a key upwards in bend Vert, the ward to dexter Or.
MottoPRORSUM SEMPER (Ever Forward)

Mr Bravo-Gonzalez is Mexican and has studied and worked in Mexico, the USA and Sweden where he now lives. In the arms the pyramid represents the armiger’s interest in architecture and archaeology. The bezants and the keys represent his undergraduate degree in Accounting and Finance. The three crowns represent the armiger’s link with Sweden, while the waves represent his love for the sea and seaside destinations. Finally, the eagle represents his Mexican heritage, and the morion (Spanish helmet) represents his Spanish ancestors, who immigrated to the New World several generations ago.

Granted2nd March 2012 (Bureau of Heraldry, South Africa)
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