Nicholas Spencer Fitzroy CRAM-SINCLAIR

ArmsQuarterly, 1st, Argent, a cross engrailed Sable. 2nd and 3rd, Argent, a mullet Azure between three inescutcheons Gules. 4th, Argent, on a cross engrailed Sable, a human heart Gules, in dexter chief, a crescent Gules. Overall at the fess point, an inescutcheon Gules, charged with three fleurs-de-lis Argent / The shield ensigned below the helmet with a chapeau Gules, double Ermine, behind which is draped a feudo-baronial mantle doubled of silk Argent, fur-edged of miniver and collar Ermine.
CrestOn a human heart Gules, winged Or, a sparrow hawk proper.
Supporters(granted to the armiger solely for the term of his life)
BadgeA raven displayed and volant Sable.
StandardFour yards in length with rounded unspoilt ends having the Arms of Sinclair (viz:- Argent, a cross engrailed Sable) in the hoist and of four tracts, bendy-wavy Argent and Gules, with the aforesaid badge depicted and displayed three times, along with the cri-de-guerre, ’HRAFNS-MERKI(L)’ in letters Sable upon two transverse bands Or.
MottoFORTITIER ET SINCERE (Boldly and sincerely). Below Shield: MED LOGUM SKAL LAND BYGGIA (By law shall the land be built up)
GrantedLyon Office Birth brief of Hew/Hugh Sinclair, 4th Laird-Baron of Brough, c.1671-1714, held within Joseph Stacey, Ross Herald (1663-86)'s archival pape
Located in: Members
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