The second White Lion Society visit of 2018 will be to the University of Cambridge and will take place on Thursday 5th July. For this visit David Broomfield will act as our guide. Over the years David has developed a considerable knowledge of the heraldry to be found in the Colleges of the University and is ideally placed to guide us through each College and direct us to the most relevant heraldic displays.

We will begin the visit at 10.30am and end at approximately 4.00pm. The day will include first a visit to Magdalene College and then, after an early lunch, visits to St John’s College and Trinity College.

At this stage lunch is not included as part of the programme. However, we will endeavor to arrange a venue capable of accommodating our whole party for lunch and circulate details of this nearer to the time of the visit.

These are the arms of the three Colleges we will see during our visit:

Magdalenr Arms  St John 1  Trinity College Arms                                     

There are fine displays of heraldry in all three colleges and the great halls, chapels and libraries associated with each college are of particular interest. Magdalene includes the Pepys Library, St John its Old Library, and Trinity the Wren Library. 

We have chosen a start time of 10.30am to accommodate access by members who travel from venues around the UK. There is a selection of trains that will arrive at Cambridge railway station from London, Birmingham, Nottingham, the South-West and North. Most arrive at Cambridge at around 10.00am and this will allow time to cross the city to our meeting place at Magdalene College.

For those travelling by car there is a park and ride facility; otherwise the Jesus Lane car park is likely to offer the best accommodation. Further details will follow.

The number of places available is twenty and you should apply quickly if you would like to be included on the visit. Places will be allocated strictly in the order of the bookings we receive. You can apply using the Shop in your member’s area of the website (remember first to log in) or by post using the application form that accompanies this Newsletter.

The cost is £20 per person.

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