Links to relevant websites

Arundel Castle
The castle website has a section on the Archives held there, which include the Earl Marshal’s papers from the 16th to the 20th centuries.
British Library
This link takes you to the secton of the British Library’s website which provides help for researchers into heraldry.
The Harleian Society
This Society is dedicated to the transcription and publication of works on heraldry and allied subjects.
Public Record Office (The National Archives)
This is the UK national repository of Government records. The collection is vast, and contains much of great interest to heraldists.
The Heraldry Society
The main national heraldry society in England and Wales.
City of Bath Heraldic Society
Based in the City of Bath, a society to promote the knowledge of heraldry.
The Middlesex Heraldry Society
The county society focusing on heraldry in Middlesex is no longer active, but its website is maintained.
The Norfolk Heraldry Society
The county society focusing on heraldry in Norfolk.
The Suffolk Heraldry Society
The county society focusing on heraldry in Suffolk.
The Yorkshire Heraldry Society
The county society focusing on heraldry in Yorkshire.
The College of Arms
The official heraldic authority in London, part of Her Majesty’s Household.
The Governor General of Canada
Canadian Heraldry page.
The Royal Heraldry Society of Canada
The national heraldry society in Canada.
The Heraldry Society of Scotland
The heraldry societry dedicated to Scottish heraldry.
Court of the Lord Lyon
The official website of the Scottish heraldic authority, which is part of the Court system in Scotland.
The Office of the Chief Herald in Dublin
The Chief Herald is the authority on all heraldic matters relating to Irish families. The Office has also been known as the Genealogical Office since 1943 and is a part of the National Library of Ireland.
The Cambridge University Heraldic and Genealogical Society meets regularly and dines in one or other of the Cambridge Colleges.
Oxford University Heraldry Society
Each academic term the Society arranges lectures at the Taylorian Institution which is the East wing of the Ashmolean Museum complex. There are also occasional visits to places of heraldic interest.
The College of Arms Foundation, Inc.
This Foundation in the USA is in some ways a cross between the White Lion Society and The Heraldry Society in the UK. This site tells you all about it.
Burke’s Peerage & Gentry International Register of Arms
This commercial site belonging to the publishers of “Burke’s” has a wide selection of arms. Armigers may have theirs added upon paying the appropriate fee.