Roland Symons has produced a number of sheets of shields in full colour, many of which are available for purchase in printed form (see "The Shop" linked from the main menu above). The pages which follow are digital reproductions of those sheets. They will be supplemented with additional sheets as they become available.

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Royal Arms     Royal Arms
Arms of Richard III and his Knights of the Garter
Royal Badges and Standards
Royal Consorts
King Henry VIII and his six wives.
Sovereigns of Scotland
Accession of George I
The Peerage     The Dukes
The Earls
The Marquesses
Viceroys of India     Arms of the Viceroys
Governors of    
Arms of KGs who were also Governors of Canada
Prime Ministers     Arms of PMs of Great Britain
Arms of Ten PMs also KGs and Old Etonians

Heralds' Arms    
Badges of the heralds of the Commonwealth and Ireland
Badges of the Officers of the College of Arms
Delhi Heralds for the 1911 Durbar
Garter Kings of Arms
Clarenceux Kings of Arms
Norroy Kings of Arms
Chester Heralds
Lancaster Heralds
Richmond Heralds
Somerset Heralds
Windsor Heralds
York Heralds
Bluemantle Pursuivants
Portcullis Pursuivants
Rouge Croix Pursuivants
Rouge Dragon Pursuivants
Extraordinaries (Arundel, Beaumont, Maltravers, New Zealand, Norlfok, Surrey and Wales Heralds; Howard and Fitzalan Pursuivants)
Lords Lyon Kings of Arms
Anglican Church     English Dioceses
Archbishops of Canterbury
Archbishops of York 1070-1561
Archbishops of York 1561-1997
Bishops of London
Bishops of Bath & Wells
Bishops of Bristol
Bishops of Carlisle
Bishops of Chester
Bishops of Chichester
Bishops of Durham
Bishops of Ely
Bishops of Exeter
Bishops of Gloucester
Bishops of Hereford
Bishops of Lincoln
Bishops of Norwich
Bishops of Rochester
Bishops of Salisbury
Bishops of Winchester
Bishops of Worcester
Peninsular War    Vimeiro 1808
Corunna 1809
Busaco 1810
Barrosa 1811
Fuentes de Oñoro 1811
Albuera 1811
Badajoz 1812
Salamanca 1812
Vittoria 1813
Pyrenees 1813
San Sebastian 1813
Nive and St Pierre 1813
Nivelle 1813
Orthes 1814
Toulouse 1814
First World War   
Mons 1914
Loos 1915
Jutland 1916
The Somme 1916
Passchendaele 1917
Amiens 1918
Second World War   
D-Day June 1944
Opn Market Garden Sept 1944
Other Battles    Bannockburn 1314
Crecy 1346
Agincourt 1415
St Albans 1455
Towton 1461
Bosworth 1485
Flodden 1513
Armada 1588
Lansdown 1643
1759 - the year of victories
Quiberon Bay 1759
The Glorious 1st June 1794
Cape St Vincent 1797
The Nile 1798
Copenhagen 1801
Trafalgar 1805
Waterloo 1815
Order of the Bath    The Knights of the Bath 1725
City of London    The Great Twelve Livery Companies
Heraldic History of Charterhouse
Universities     Cambridge University
Chancellors who were KGs
Windsor Castle    Arms of the Constables
Founder Knights of the Order of the Garter
Other places    Bath Abbey: Stuart Heraldry
Bath Abbey: Arms on the Vault
Bath Abbey: Kemble Restoration
Arms in St Benet's, Paul's Wharf EC4
Arms in Downside Abbey